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The Noordung Angel Edition Is The Newest Electric Beauty

By Victor Baker


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Noordung Angel Edition

The Slovenians bike builders from Noordung are specialized in designing unique, handmade, urban electric bicycles and this is their first series project. Called the Noordung Angel Edition, this ravishing bike will be produced in a limited series of just 15 units, each of them ready to impress us all with style, innovation and exclusivity.

Showing off some unique features and a wonderful design, these cool bikes could stand out of any crowd, especially from any other electric bikes, thanks to their generous size, use of carbon fiber and the hidden motors within the frame.

We totally like this design, even though these bikes seem to be so light and fragile that we wouldn’t even dare to take them out for a ride.

Noordung Angel Edition

Speaking of innovation, the Noordung Angel Edition packs a 4-in-1 removable battery which sits right on the top part of the bike. It has been also made from carbon fiber and the best thing is that it doubles as a state of the art speaker system, as it’s comprised of two small speakers capable of delivering cool tunes for up to 100 hours.

The battery pack is actually made of 32 lithium batteries, which help you ride this beauty with electric pedal assistance and.. they also power any devices the rider might need to charge thanks to its 2 USB ports. Moreover, this electric bike also comes with two  air quality sensors, that analyze the air around you as you ride, to keep your lungs and body healthy at all times. How’s that for innovative?

Noordung Angel Edition

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