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Have You Heard About The $20k Cheetos Jewelry Set?

By Victor Baker


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Cheetos Jewelry Set

This is far from being a joke; if one of your favorite activities is enjoying Cheetos snacks, you’re in for a pretty big surprise. The well known cheese snack manufacturer has decided to cater to die-hard Cheetos lovers, in an incredible manner, which is why this eye catching jewelry set came to be.

Priced at exactly $20,000, this bespoke jewelry set, called Designs by Chester Cheetah, is a very exquisite example of craftsmanship. The set consists  of a lovely pair of earrings and a stunning ring, both of them reminding everyone about the brand’s symbol.

You will find various motifs reminding us of the cheetah, with dazzling orange sapphires, 18 karat gold, and nearly 200 diamonds making this set stand out of a crowd.

Cheetos Jewelry Set

It’s true that some Cheetos fans might not afford such exclusivity, which is why the American company is also offering Chester Cheetah’s bathing briefs, the “Colour de Cheetos” bronzer, “Cheetaeu” perfume, the “Cheesy” cuff links and the “toilet paw-per”.

The entire “Designs by Chester Cheetah” collection will allow picky customers and die-hard fans of the brand to enjoy the opportunity of giving a unique gift to others or keeping it for themselves. Either way, we’re sure it’s going to be really fun explaining the theme of these jewelry pieces, and your decision behind purchasing them. It’s going to be grrrrrreat!

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