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The New Riva Dolceriva: a Melodic Name and a Ravishing Look

By Vlad Craciun


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Dolceriva, the newest 48 foot open cruiser from the renowned Italian yacht  maker Riva, comes with some remarkable features for its market segment. It’s got a superb exterior design developed by Officina Italiana Design and an interior that makes very good use of onboard and interior spaces and details, keeping the brand’s tradition alive.

The yacht comes with a full beam of 14 feet, a hull window design with innovative hull-deck coupling system, freeing the aft area from the fender bar and adding a carbon fiber air vent with steel frame. The windshield, created with innovative spherical crystals, features a nice counter-curvature and makes the exterior stand out.

The main deck’s forward surface features a high-gloss mahogany with twenty coats of varnish and benefits from a crystal section with built-in skylight. The traditional white maple seams aren’t missing either and comes with a chrome plated aluminum alloy casing as well at the center. The new Dolceriva comes in all the colors you can find in the Riva range.

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Riva Dolceriva comes with all the comforts you would expect, from two sun pads complete with two large sofas and central folding table in steel and mahogany, dinette with another large sofa, kitchen and even a bathroom with separate shower and closet. The owner’s cabin comes a central bed, two walk-in closets and storage trunks.

Performance wise, the Dolceriva shines. The yacht comes with twin Volvo Penta D13 engines which deliver each 800 Mhp at 2,300 rpm, pushing the yacht to a top speed of 35 knots and a cruising speed of 27 knots. Optionally, you can install more powerful engines, with a 1,000 Mhp output each, rising the top speed to 40 knots and the cruising to 35 knots.

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