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The new Leica M10 Takes A Shot At Perfection

By Victor Baker


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Leica M10

If you think about it, Leica has been one of the world’s most successful businesses for more than 150 years – and that’s what we call impressive. More than that, keeping up with such a dynamic market is always a tough job, and a real challenge, but Leica managed to remain the best of the best as the years went by.

The German camera maker and optics enterprise has constantly innovated and reinvented itself, with their latest project represented by the beautiful Leica M10. Slimmer than the rest of M line members, this brand new camera packs quite a lot of power and many useful features..

Leica M10

One thing that future users will easily notice, and probably appreciate, is the fact that the shutter speed, focus, aperture, and ISO are now all adjustable manually – even when the camera is off. A 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS image sensor allows for an increased ISO range, between 100 and 50,000, and of course, it delivers the best image quality you could think of.

Ideal for capturing any moment, regardless of lighting conditions, the Leica M10 also offers both WiFi and iOS smart connectivity. This means photographers can transfer DNGs right onto their phone, computer, or tablet as easy as blinking, but first they’ll have to come up with exactly $6,595 for their own M10.

Leica M10

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