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Armani Dolci’s Valentine’s Day Chocolates Are All About Love

By Victor Baker


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Armani Dolci Valentine's Day

Fashion has gone way beyond clothes and accessories right now, reaching delicious and appetizing results. That’s because Armani Dolci has rolled out these special, limited edition chocolates for this year’s Valentine’s Day, helping you seduce your significant other with sweetness and style.

Chocolates have long become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, which is why Armani suggests lovers to celebrate their special day with a delicate dark chocolate heart, complemented by a luscious ginger cream filling. A tin box was filled with 200g of these tasty pralines featuring a 75% extra dark chocolate shell holding ginger cream. Delicious, right?

Armani Dolci Valentine's Day

There’s also a precious red velvet pouch, with a drawstring closure, finishing off this teasing package, which will cost around $29. Furthermore, $20 extra will get you the exclusive small red tin box which opens up like a book to reveal four heart-shaped chocolates.

Can you think of a better way to seduce your significant other one more time than with these delicious treats and a taste for fashion? We think not.

Armani Dolci Valentine's Day

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