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The New Bombardier Global 6500 Business Jet Will Soon Enter Service

By Vlad Craciun


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Ready to enter service sometime at the end of the year, the brand new Bombardier Global 6500 Business Jet will take you to your desired destination really fast and extremely efficiently, reaching an impressive range of 6,600 nautical miles. That means it can connect Hong Kong to London without a layover.

The new business jet is still undergoing a few flight tests, with 90 percent of them already completed and only the wings and engines in the final stages of validation. Production is scheduled to start soon at the company’s Montreal center. Speaking of the wings, they’re newly designed as well and come with improved aerodynamics to offer a more comfortable flight experience for the passengers.

The aircraft is powered by Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engines, which will push it to a top speed of Mach 0.9 and a cruise speed of Mach 0.85.

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Bombardier’s Global 6500 comes with a 43 foot cabin featuring the newly released Nuage chaise lounge, a unique type of seating that can easily transform from a chaise lounge into a flat bed or a banquet style seats and table. The new seat features a nice recline and swivel, perfect for those meetings at 30,000 feet above the world.

On the tech side, the cabin boasts 4K and incredibly fast internet through the Ka-band for non-stop connectivity. The cockpit comes with the Bombardier Vision flight deck avionics suite, with a combined vision system which puts together enhanced and synthetic images together into a single view, thus increasing situational awareness no matter the weather.

The Bombardier Global 6500 offers some nice perks for the crew as well, in the form of a crew rest area forward, while the aft comes with a private suite with natural light filled bathroom, an optional shower and a large closet.

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