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Glide Over the Waves with Enata’s New 32 feet Foiler Flying Yacht

By Vlad Craciun


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The incredible Foiler 32 Flying Yacht is Enata’s newest vessel, one that can take you above the waves and into a smooth and comfortable cruise on the sea. The design of this stunning foiler yacht allows an elevated position above the water, thus avoiding the movement on the waves and allowing even those with seasickness to enjoy the cool experience.

The yacht uses four hydrofoils which act just like wings, keeping the main body of the vessel above the water and, more importantly, above the waves, removing the usual rolling and slamming against them.

For those that still prefer the usual cruising experience, the foils can be retracted, allowing navigation on shallow waters or docking on a pontoon. It can even be stowed on your superyacht, making the Foiler 32 a wonderful tender option.

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One interesting change you’ll find on this yacht is the addition of modern joystick controls besides the traditional wheel and throttle. Combine that with a powerful hybrid propulsion system and you’ve got a superb and very quiet yachting experience going on.

Speaking of the propulsion system, it’s a pair of V-8 marine diesel engines that push the yacht to a top speed of 40 knots with the help of 740 horse power. The cruising speed goes between 18 and 35 knots, making the Foiler 32 Flying Yacht a very fast and super efficient vessel.

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