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The new Blancpain Retrograde Calendar Watches

By Adrian Prisca


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Blancpain have recently presented two stunning brand new timepieces with exquisite detailing and marvelous rare materials which they named the Blancpain Retrograde Calendars.

The two wristwatches are available in either red or white gold, with mother of pearl details, moon phase with stars crafted from diamonds, a star tipped serpentine blue hand indicating the calendar and decentralized minute and hour counters at the 6 o’clock position.

One of the most impressive features of Blancpain’s Retrograde Calendar is the calendar, which, as the names of watches suggest, works in a retrograde manner. This way, the indicator hand jumps back to the first day of the month when the previous month is complete.

In addition, another two simply staggering pieces are the diamonds studded bezel, comprising a total 40 diamonds, and the diamond-topped crown, which is also set with diamonds. The Blancpain Retrograde Calendar timepiece comprises a total of 2.012 carats.

The 36 mm red or white gold cases are complemented by a sapphire crystal display caseback, which boasts with a superb oscillating weight for the automatic mechanical movement shaped like a flower. Suffice to say, the stunning pieces feature the renowned Blancpain caliber 2650RL. And, to go with their delicacy, the watches tie to the hand via delicate white leather straps.


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