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The most expensive foosball table in the world

By Adrian Prisca


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The world’s most expensive foosball table is 11-The Beautiful Game, a modernist limited edition foosball table which is priced at a staggering $68,000. This bespoke table has been first showcased by GRO at the Milan Furniture Fair as a concept in 2008 and now it entered a limited production run for clients who want to have an ultimate gaming room.

This foosball table has a contemporary shape inspired by the fluid lines and grandeur of today’s modern stadiums and it has chromed metal players which capture the excitement and drama of a classic sport game. With this design it will certainly be a focal point of any room and it will offer an unforgettable foosball game to anyone who gets to play at it.

The most expensive foosball table is hand crafted and it takes over 12 weeks to be built. Each table will be individually numbered and it will have a priced of 48,500 EUR which is $68.000.

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  1. this is not even close to the most expensive FB table. Louie V. Makes FB tables at $110,000USD. Do some research.

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