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The River Road House in Sewall’s Point, Florida

By Adrian Prisca


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The River Road House is a beautiful property from the small residential community of Sewall’s Point, Florida, designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. The 12,300 square foot house has a complex structure embracing the outdoors, both the two acre waterfront lot it occupies and the landscape beyond.

The house comprises a series of distinct yet interlocking rectilinear volumes conjoined by a transparent longitudinal axis with positive volumes balanced atop negative to create an intriguing and interesting effect. A glass throughway connects and distinguishes the two dominant towers of the home, capturing light and adding making the interior even more spacious.

Interior spaces are carefully designed to conceal and reveal dramatic views of the water and the surrounding landscape. At either end of the longitudinal axis that connects the two towers, separate stairways allow discreet access to the three storied towers. The interior is highlighted by the use of Mahogany, Minnesota Limestone and plaster finishes.


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