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The Minimal.Bike Was Designed To Inflict Maximum Damage

By Victor Baker


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This angled, carbon fiber beauty aims to make you daydream about enjoying a quick ride around town, and that’s exactly what the Minimal.Bike was designed for. The latest creation from Dutch bike prodigy Bran Moens, this high-tech little bike accepts the urban challenge in the most interesting way possible.

Industrial designer Aart Roelandt joined in on this wonderful project, which ended up as a compact carbon city bike, that’s both beautiful and practical. Showing off a minimalist design, while bragging about a carbon fiber construction is difficult to achieve, yet Roelandt managed to pull it off.


The Minimal.Bike seems to blend the best of several universes, which is why it features design cues inspired by a mountain, road, city and commuter bike. And thanks to its lightweight full carbon frame, this bike weighs in at just 6.7 kilograms, which makes it extremely easy to carry around, while looking super stylish.

Boasting the same wheelbase as a standard road bike, this carbon fiber bicycle packs a wing-shaped handlebar, with integrated brake levers, inside cable routing and hand-protecting wing tips. Everything else remains hidden, adding a futuristic vibe to this project, but we can’t help but wonder.. is there any way an electric motor could make its way in? We’re sure someone will come up with an idea to make that happen pretty soon.



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