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The Luxury Alila Manggis Hotel & Resort in Bali

By Adrian Prisca


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Alila Manggis is a secluded, stylish seaside resort located in Manggis, East Bali, nestled between the lovely sea and the majestic Mount Agung, Bali’s most sacred mountain. ‘Alila’ is Sanskrit for ‘surprise’ which perfectly describes the refreshing character of the reaction of guests upon arrival and throughout their stay in this resort.

The hotel features 53 amazing rooms with contemporary furniture and traditional Balinese design which forms an unforgettable mix. The world renowned architectural firm Kerry Hill took care of the resort’s design with an interplay of light, water and geometry result in details that never fail to excite the eye.

The resort features four two storey buildings built around a palm fringed pool which looks right into the ocean. There’s also a restaurant service international and Indonesian cuisine called Seasalt, an East Balinese Cooking School that will help you learn the wonderful cuisine from the region, an award winning eco spa and an organic fruit and vegetable garden.


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