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The Lovely Pirgi Chateau Could be Your Dream Home in Mykonos

By Victor Baker


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Pirgi Chateau

Also known as the Pirgi Chateau, this wonderful piece of property sits atop the rocky hills of the paradise island of Mykonos, in Greece of course, offering its lucky owners and their privileged guests 17 bedrooms, with matching bathrooms, and plenty of charming touches and luxurious amenities to make everyday life here unbelievable. The price for it all? €11.700.000 or around $12.4 million.

Proudly sitting on a private land of over 107,000 sq. ft, this lavish residence spreads over 13,993 square feet of blissful living areas, that could easily seduce anyone. I mean, who could resist those breathtaking views? Mykonos is one of the most alluring destinations on earth, and this Chateau sits right between two of the island’s most beautiful spots, Paradise bay and Super Paradise beach – enough said.

Pirgi Chateau

This minimalist, modern estate inspires coolness and calm, looking all chic and at peace with nature. The infinity pool is a given and quite honestly a necessity in this wonderful part of the world, although the beach is somewhat close by as well. The stylish, traditional tiling is enchanting, to say the least, but nothing can compare to the serene views of the Mediterranean blue.

The lounge area of this luxurious manor seems to be the ideal place to invite guests to enjoy the pool or a barbecue at the al-fresco dining area and simply take in the Greek sky and beauty. This property also offers a lovely Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi access, satellite TV, and indoor and outdoor surround audio system, so you might be able to host a little party here as well.

White walls and clean-lined furniture make for a serene ambiance, while the clear blue sky and the matching waters close by will make the money you pay for this home well spent indeed.

Pirgi Chateau


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