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The lovely Castello di Scerpena in Tuscany is up for sale

By Adrian Prisca


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We’re pretty sure you will all enjoy the palatial magnificence we’ve brought in front of you today – the Castello di Scerpena, a  luxury medieval castle, located within an idyllic Italian province, Tuscany. The luxurious piece of history is perched on top of a hill, offering breathtaking views of the superb landscapes that surround it.

Some say this extraordinary manmade marvel dates back to the 12th century – no wonder it still boasts with frescoed bedrooms, vaulted ceilings and antique furnishings. In addition, it has undergone a long history of renovations that so far ensured its timeless existence.

The palace features a total of 5 bedrooms, a secluded garden, a beautiful park and a lavish swimming pool, for those who wish to get away from the heat of the place.

During time, two secondary villas have been constructed, adjacently to the magnificent construction, which sports 3 bedrooms and has its own swimming pool, and respectively 4 bedrooms and spa. Furthermore, there’s also a deer park, a 2 bedroom cottage for the guards and a whopping 190 hectares of land with more than 7,000 olive trees.

Apart from its exterior look which is simply stunning and proves its origins, the interior of this beautiful building is as luxurious as it can possibly be. Of course it has been fitted with modern amenities, to go with the current ways of life, but, in essence, it provides the same atmosphere our ancestors used to enjoy.

There’s a vintage checkered table placed in front of a lordly fireplace, adjacently fitted with an array of white, modern sofas, equipped with cushions, adorned with the checkered motif. The same style can be admired on the extremely long dinner table, with tall metal chairs that resemble the pleasure of dining more than 800 years ago.

If you’re interested in purchasing this corner of splendor, we hope you have a broad bank account, as it costs €16.5 million – not that much, considering the uniqueness it provides.


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