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The Limited Edition Leica M9-P White Is A Shocker

By Victor Baker


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Leica M9-P White

A new day, a new incredible camera from Leica. Some of the biggest fans of the German camera-maker might remember that back in 2012 Leica has introduced a stunning White Edition M9, that was unfortunately only available in Japan.

The classy white edition has never made an appearance in the US or the UK and the English-speaking world felt completely left out on the goodness. But Leica hasn’t forgotten, which is why 2016 saw the introduction of their M9-P White Limited Edition Camera, that’s absolutely amazing.

It’s white, it’s stunning, but it has a pretty big drawback, its massive price. You’ll have to pay $50,000 for one of these beautiful white cameras so you’ll have to think a lot if it’s really worth it or not.

Leica M9-P White

If you really want to stand out the crowd, the Leica M9-P White Edition might be just the perfect camera for you, since the world is filled with virtually a ton of black and silver devices.

Showing off elegant aesthetics, all wrapped in white leather and chrome, this wonderful camera looks like it was developed for spies traveling through snow-covered landscapes. It features the fastest aspherical lens in the world, the Noctilux-M 50mm ASPH, with a silver cap that goes hand in hand with the chrome accents.

In the end, we think the $50,000 price-tag is fair for a luxury camera that’s borderline collectible, since it’s part of a limited series. If you really want one, you need to hurry up.

Leica M9-P White

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