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Limited Edition Leica M9-P White Camera Unveiled

By Adrian Prisca


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It has come to our ears that Leica, the renowned camera manufacturer from Germany, is launching a white version of the MP-9 camera, one of their most stylish creations. It will reportedly be available as a limited edition. The black version, which was launched during the last year, was available at a price of $8,000 per unit.

To be the proud owner of a white version Leica MP-9 full-frame digital camera, of 18.5 MP, your pockets need to be 4 times as larger, due to the staggering $31,695 requested per piece. We’re not sure why its price gets to such numbers, but Leica states that it comes with silver chrome body styling, covered in leather, sporting a same-colored strap, with a white logo text on the top. In addition, it also features a silver Noctilux M fo.95/50 mm ASPH lens.

This launch happens at the same time with the opening of the Leica Daimaru camera store in downtown Tokyo. It will only be available there. So, if you really desire one of these, get ready to book a flight to Tokyo now, because the 50 available units will surely get sold fast.


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