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The Legendary Nikon One was sold for a cool $406,000

By Victor Baker


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Nikon One

You’ve probably heard many times about the golden age of aviation, the golden era of cars, or that saying “oldies but goldies“, which means that even though something is old, it’s still very good, and it might be worth even more than current products. The same goes for this super rare Nikon camera, that was recently auctioned or a whopping $406,000, which is way more than what most people pay for a house.

This special Nikon One camera is an ultra rare breed, as it was the third ever camera that was created by the brand, back in April 1948. Offered alongside the camera’s original F2 Nikkor H lens, as well as the original double strap case, this collectible has got everyone talking in these past couple of weeks.

Nikon One

But what’s even more interesting than this camera’s unique legacy might be the fact that it comes with an interesting inscription – “made in occupied Japan”. The iconic camera was initially introduced simply as the Nikon, but most people know if as the Nikon One, which was then followed by the M and S models.

Showing off a classic black and silver body, this legendary Nikon will probably allow its lucky new owner to fully appreciate the “oldie, but a goldie” experience.

Nikon One

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