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You Should Definitely Pay The Westin Palace Madrid A Visit

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Westin Palace Madrid

This Spanish landmark of unrivaled elegance lies right in the heart of Madrid, a gorgeous multifaceted European city with a seemingly endless feast of charming sights, rich history and culture, and a remarkable art scene. As if we needed a distraction from all those incredible sights and the vibrant life of the city, the Westin Palace Madrid comes into play to offer anyone who dares to handle its beauty the experience of a lifetime.

Commissioned by King Alfonso XIII back in 1912, this luxurious hotel was initially meant to do justice to Spain’s capital – and it does that right now. A symbol of the city’s amazing history and architecture, this wonderful location has been beautifully restored as the years went by to impress even the most discerning guests.

Westin Palace Madrid

Famous for its spectacular stained-glass dome, that’s complemented by incredible colors and jaw dropping details, this lavish hotel will have no problem in making anyone stand still and admire its beauty. You can even enjoy a fantastic buffet breakfast, with live music, right under the stained-glass, which is definitely something you won’t be able to do somewhere else.

Located in the heart of Madrid’s cultural and financial center, the Westin Palace will allow you to choose one of its 468 superb rooms and suites, each of them featuring antique furniture and nothing the best amenities. Staying in will definitely sound like a good idea, but the Spanish capital’s passionate streets and impressive sights are also worth your time, with the Prado, Thyssen, and Reina Sofia museums being just a few steps away from the hotel.

Westin Palace Madrid

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