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The Latest Fabergé Charms Collection Does Not Disappoint

By Victor Baker


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Fabergé Charms

Back in 1842, Russian jeweler Gustav Fabergé founded the renowned jewelry house which bears his name, that became well known all over the world for its extraordinary, jewel-encrusted eggs, which were designed by Gustav’s son, Peter Carl Fabergé, for Russian Tsars and other major personalities of the early 1900s.

To this day, Fabergé continues to create bespoke jewelry inspired from the brand’s signature eggs, including one off pieces for anyone willing to pay some serious cash to get the royal treatment. Launched in 2014, the Fabergé Charms collection would have set you back $1,200 per charm and you should know that it’s been updated this season with a couple of new pieces.

Fabergé Charms

Modeled after Fabergé’s iconic egg pendants, 25 miniature charms are now available for purchase in the Trelliage, Spiral, Heritage, Rococo and Emotion collections. Inspired by the 1892 Fabergé Diamond Trellis Egg, created for Alexander III of Russia, the rose and white gold Trelliage pieces show off bold rubies, amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, as well as diamonds.

On the other hand, the Fabergé charms from the Spiral collection are crafted from white, rose or yellow gold and set with lacquer and diamonds in a playful design. The Rococo charms, feature lacquer on gold, and the pavé-set Emotion pieces come with diamonds and colorful gemstones.

Undoubtedly, this collection is unparalleled by any other, and Dorfman Jewelers – where you may admire it – knows it.

Fabergé Charms

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