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The Lamborghini Museum Opens Its Doors Once Again

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Lamborghini Museum

Sant’Agata Bolognese is home to the Lamborghini Museum, a marvelous place which has undergone an extended renovation process in this past year. Although you won’t find the largest of automotive collections here, you will surely appreciate the museum’s stunning design and the incredible Lambo models which have made their way here.

The museum’s impressive overhaul included the introduction of multimedia elements, with guests greeted by the sound of an Aventador and Huracan as they enter the premises. Once that happens, all visitors will stumble upon the vintage 350 GT and a technological display filled with innovative engines and outrageous models.

The list comprises the all-wheel-drive Diablo VT, the P140 concept, the carbon-fiber Sesto Elemento and the surprising Asterion. There’s even a corner dedicated to the automaker’s SUV projects, with the LM002 “Rambo Lambo” displayed alongside the Urus concept.

Lamborghini Museum

Apart from these beauties, you should expect to see the full Lamborghini lineup here, from the 400 GT to the Aventador. The racing universe hasn’t been forgotten either, with a pair of Lamborghini-powered F1 cars from the early 1990s, a Diablo GTR, Gallardo and a Huracan in Super Trofeo spec leaving anyone speechless.

Interactive displays and steering wheels will allow guests to experience the latest racing models and live out the excitement of actually driving one. Some might remember 2016 is the Miura’s 50th anniversary, which is why museum goers will notice a central display with the one-off roadster prototype, accompanied by a rolling chassis.

The Lamborghini Museum first opened its doors in 2001, and now its reopening also marks the Miura Tour, where 20 of the Italian brand’s classic supercars will go on a a 500-kilometer (310-mile) journey through the Italian countryside. Don’t miss out!

Lamborghini Museum

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