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Wear The Beats with Zungle’s Panther Audio Sunglasses

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Zungle Panther

Zungle Inc., a tech start-up from LA, has designed and developed a new form of wearable technology. Called Zungle Panther, their new creation is a pair of Ray-Ban-lookalike shades, which double as audio equipment. But what’s really interesting is the way in which this device, if we can call it that, transmits audio signals.

The Zungle Panther doesn’t come with earbuds, but instead it features a bone conduction sound system, which basically means that the songs are vibrated directly into your skull – that sounds convenient, minimalist and possibly disturbing, right?

It seems users may even take phone calls or listen to music by pairing Panther with their device, via Bluetooth – although no one will ever know, unless you tell them.

Zungle Panther

Since Panther will leave your ears completely free, this might be a great product worth considering by cyclists and urban pedestrians; who hasn’t lost their orientation and contact with their surroundings, while enjoying their favorite tune? You could also say these sunglasses are a safety feature, as well.

Zungle’s Kickstarter campaign for Panther is out in the open, with $89 pre-orders already available. If you like what you see, you should hurry up, because their retail price is expected to reach $149. We’re thinking this would be a cool way to start the summer!

Zungle Panther

Zungle Panther on Kickstarter
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