The Konost FF Prototype is “the World’s First True Digital Rangefinder”

It’s always great to see tech startups coming up with new projects, developing new technologies, and just generally shaking things up a bit in their industry. This is especially true in the world of photography, which is dominated by big players like Nikon or Canon. Founded by a group of engineers and designers who are passionate about photography, Konost is one of these young companies hoping to make their mark with a really special project.

Described by its creators as “the world’s first true digital rangefinder,” the Konost FF is a 35mm Full-Frame True Digital Rangefinder camera, which aims to bring a part of photography mostly lost nowadays due to the huge popularity of SLRs: that is the experience of taking one’s time which each shot, focusing and composing the image in order to get that truly special picture. This is what makes a rangefinder, which has the photographer manually focus each image, still a favorite among some enthusiasts – and Konost FF brings this experience into the 21st century with its great implementation of cutting-edge technology.

While the product is still in development and isn’t expected to be ready until sometime in 2016, it already looks quite impressive. When completed, it will feature 20MP resolution, frame rate of 30 fps, Raw and JPEG settings, as well as a sleek and elegant aluminum alloy body.

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