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The Jet Capsule Reptile High-Performance Luxury Mini Yacht

By Brody Patterson


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Initially envisioned back in 2009, the Jet Capsule is an Italian-designed and -built mini yacht, made for those who want a different experience at sea than that provided by traditional boats. This unique vessel offers all the amenities required for a comfortable journey, without sacrificing performance at all. Recently, a new member of the series has been unveiled, called the Jet Capsule Reptile.

The new model is lighter and faster, and thus more performance-oriented that the standard version, making it perfect for those who enjoy the rush of adrenaline while at sea. It tips the scales at 1,102 pounds less than its predecessor and boasts a 570 horsepower Ilmore MV8 high performance engine, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 50 knots. Built from carbon fiber, the Reptile is 24.6 feet long and 11.5 feet wide, and provides ample space for up to 12 passengers, in addition to the captain.

The Jet Capsule Reptile is hand built in Naples, Italy, and takes 9 months to be ready after ordering. It comes with a price tag of $280,000.


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