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The Jaquet Droz Repeater Pocket Watch is a Masterful Tribute

By Victor Baker


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Jaquet Droz Repeater Pocket Watch

Pierre Jaquet-Droz was one of the most famous watchmakers in the 18th century, renowned for his elaborate watches and unique mechanical devices. He was trained in the art of clockmaking by older relatives and worked with his father-in-law and later his son Henri-Louis to develop some of the world’s most incredible pocket watches.

Today, the Swiss luxury watch brand is celebrating 280 years of avant-garde vision in clockmaking with the Jaquet Droz Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch, a new timekeeping marvel that aims to remind everyone of the fine craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail involved in the creation of such stunning pieces.

This exceptional piece represents the entire spectrum of Jaquet Droz craftsmanship in a single concept. It’s a functional work of art that benefits from the tradition of automata originally established by Pierre Jaquet-Droz, with an animated naturalist scene making everyone’s day a lot more interesting.

Jaquet Droz Repeater Pocket Watch

Admired for their romance as much as for their singing, the macaw birds are part of the brand’s history, that’s why they’re also gracing this amazing pocket watch. At the heart of the composition, an adult pair of macaw birds watches over its two chicks, while the mother of pearl dial with two gold hands helps you keep track of the time and the miniature painting will seduce anyone.

The vivid, lush colors of the vegetation add even more appeal to this timepiece, while the miniature engraving and gold appliqués, painted and then applied by hand to the dial, are a testament to the company’s dedication to the world of watchmaking. The case is protected by two covers, with the dial cover adorned with vines and tropical foliage produced in Grand Feu enamel and then set with gemstones.

The Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch, which twirls freely from a red gold chain, features a beating heart comprising 668 tiny components. This impressive mechanical caliber is a statement of fine watchmaking, an automaton with a minute repeater and cathedral gongs. Unfortunately we don’t have any official price tags yet, but I’m sure this extraordinary pocket watch won’t come cheap.

Jaquet Droz Repeater Pocket Watch

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