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The incredible Wilson Benesch Cardinal speakers

By Adrian Prisca


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Ever since it was founded, back in 1989, the British high-end audio maker Wilson Benesch has impressed audiophiles from all over the planet with their top notch speakers and turntables. It’s not a company too well known, but they’re planning to take over the world with the Wilson Benesch Cardinal speakers, their new flagship, floor standing loudspeakers.

Looking like true works of art, these loudspeakers have a unique cabinet, made from carbon fiber, instead of the aluminum or fiberboard used by most manufacturers. This cabinetry, combined with an incredible attention to the smallest details and 28 drivers, all produced in-house, make these loudspeakers truly unique.

The sound you get from the Cardinal speakers is nothing short of sublime, with a clarity and level of nuance that just few of the world’s finest speakers are able to achieve. Standing high at 6 foot tall and weighting 265 pounds, these loudspeakers might be even bigger than you, but they just ooze elegance from every inch.

So if you want a pair of massive high-end speakers, these are some of the finest in the world, produced by Wilson Benesch, and combining beauty with nontraditional materials and performance. The Cardinal speakers are priced at $115,000 per pair.


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