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The Inada Sogno DreamWave massage chair

By Adrian Prisca


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With so much daily fuss and bother, it has become imperative for us to take some time off just to sit back and relax. You can do this at any place of your choice, be it at a rejuvenating spa or at home. If you choose not to head to the spa, there’s a gorgeous possibility to do it at home – the Inada massage chair is absolutely astonishing.

The brand has until now surpassed its entire competition with the Sogno and the W1 massage chairs. They have recently finished their latest project, the Inada Sogno DreamWave, displayed at the 2013 edition of the CES in Las Vegas. This particular chair is like nothing we’ve ever seen, as it practically envelops every little bit of your body and provides comfort to your entire body. The chair can target virtually any part of your body extremely precisely.

The chair starts with several pre programmed sessions which will each do a 30 second scan of the entire body. Afterwards they will provide the occupant with a fully customized massage which focuses on practically every aspect of your body, from your back to your height. Furthermore, the massage session lets the impression of five different masseuses, each one of them working on a specific region of the body in complete harmony and with ultimate efficiency. Those who speak Italian probably know the meaning of this chair’s nomination, Sogno – “dream”.

The name was superbly chosen by the folk at Inada, as the Sogno DreamWave takes you to a different dimension, where worries, burdens and discomfort do not exist, being replaced by pleasure, rejuvenation and relaxation. The contraption can be yours at $8,999 starting with the 1st of February.


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