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The HYT Skull Pocket Watch Is The Right Way To Go

By Victor Baker


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HYT Skull Pocket Watch

Marvel comic villains are always looking for a dramatic statement piece, and this might be it – the brand new HYT Skull Pocket Watch. This wild reinterpretation of the humble pocket watch is being called “groundbreaking” and “unexpected” and it’s defined by the Swiss watchmaker’s faceted skull centerpiece.

The unique pocket watch blends HYT’s signature fluid-based time-telling technology with a self-powered mechanical light source, which gives this watch a sinister, yet appealing look. We could have anticipated the HYT-developed mechanical caliber, with its 28,800Vph and 65-hour power reserve, yet the green fluid and the overall menacing vibe of this pocket watch is totally overwhelming.

HYT Skull Pocket Watch

The HYT Skull Pocket packs an interesting feature, in the form of a fully mechanical LED illumination system. Apparently over 80 highly miniaturized components comprise the LED lights’ generator and power-storing unit, that’s also housed within the 59 mm case, to add a cool sense of drama to the skull.

HYT also designed a fresh DLC-coated titanium case for this stunning pocket watch, that’s complemented by a faceted titanium chain. The HYT Skull Pocket will only make eight people smile, once they come up with exactly $115,000 for a piece. Will you be one of them?

HYT Skull Pocket Watch

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