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The Historic Spitbank Fort Could be Your Dream Hideaway for $5.2 Million

Spitbank Fort 1

I remember this property; it has been used as a museum, nightclub, and a boutique hotel since it was decommissioned – and has looked equally cool in each iteration.

At some point, some villain might used this fort to imagine some world-destroying plans – am I right? Oh, well, probably not. But the big news is that you may own this fortressed island and that it doesn’t come cheap.

What you are drooling over is a former army fortress, located right in the English Channel.

Straying away from its military roots, this place has been converted into a luxury island oasis, one that Bond villains would gladly transform into their lair. Since it was recently put up for sale, this might just happen in our lifetime.

Spitbank Fort 2

The Spitbank Fort is more than 150 years old, but this incredible compound has everything going for itself. Would you believe this home away from shore features a wine cellar, spa, and even a casino?

Sitting in the waters surrounding the Isle of Wight, this place was once a defense outpost. It was last sold back in 2009 and since then it has been extensively refurbished.

Spitbank Fort 3

The unique property before you offers 33,000 square feet of impressive living areas over three levels. Rooms were arranged in two concentric circles around the central courtyard, and there are guest suites and a library and lounge as well.

Hosting an event or inviting friends will not be an issue – at least, once this Covid madness ends. Amenities include two kitchens, a dining room capable to fit as many as 60 people, a training center to help them work off delicious treats, a pool, two sun decks, as well as a fire pit.

Spitbank Fort 4

The crow’s nest allows people to look out for any intruders, although I bet Netflix and a good wine sounds way better.

The Spitbank Fort could be your dream home for a cool $5.2 million – a week’s work for a villain, am I right?

There are, however, two other options in the vicinity: the larger but un-refurbished No Man’s Fort, priced at $5.5 million, and the Horse Sands Fort, that could also be yours for $970,000.

Spitbank Fort 5

[via Strutt & Parker]


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