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The Hermés Carnets d’Equateur Porcelain Collection

By Victor Baker


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Hermés is known world wide for its signature fashion and accessories, but also for transforming their sublime luxury aesthetics into bespoke homeware.

The brand has recently introduced their latest porcelain service, called the Hermés Carnets d’Equateur Porcelain Collection, which was meant to be an homage to wildlife artist and naturalist Robert Dallet – a longtime collaborator of the French brand since 1985.

Unveiled at Studio Des Acacias in Paris, this exquisite collection looks more like an art installation, with the entire ground floor of the studio being transformed into an amazonian jungle for about five hours. It took draping vines, mist and exotic plants, not to mention five days of detailed work, for the proper unveiling of the Carnets d’Equateur Porcelain Collection.

The event took place in the presence of a couple of select guests, who glanced upon the array of small plates, tea sets and platters, all carefully placed among the lush greenery.

Following a similar pattern of wild, jungle aesthetics, the other levels of the studio were also decorated, with the exhibition being finished off by the entire collection displayed on a long table, in a dinner setting.

The meticulous detail of Dallet’s sketches in charcoal, pencil, or ink wash, carefully positioned onto the porcelain surface, seem to bring to life this entire homeware collection.

Robert Dallet has spent most his life documenting and observing every element of the natural world, and this incredible collection seems worthy of his name, reminding everyone his passion and boundless admiration for animal beauty.

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