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Mulliner Adds Their Luxury Touch To The Bentley Flying Spur

By Victor Baker


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The Bentley Flying Spur is already an incredible piece of automotive jewelry, but that’s beside the point for the people at Mulliner. In an effort to satisfy even the most demanding high-end customers out there, Bentley worked closely with Mulliner for a couple of exquisite upgrades, like the Mulliner Refrigerated Bottle Cooler.

15 hours of work is what it takes to get this dream into our realm, with the offering including fine storage for a champagne bottle, two bespoke champagne flutes, as well as a bottle stopper. The frosted glass, with bright chrome detailing, adds an even more refined touch to an already exquisite vehicle. 

Another first from Mulliner is the use of a special painted veneer finish which complements the rest of the cabin. The veneer is initially hand-sanded, before being lacquered, painted, and ultimately polished with lamb’s wool so everyone could enjoy that mirror-like look.

Next, Mulliner has also reshaped the interior rear door panels in an effort to leave more room for hallmarked silver atomizers that hold breathtaking perfumes, allowing the passengers sitting in the back to get a refreshed atmosphere every time they need to.

The Bentley Flying Spur also features now a hide-trimmed stowage box, incorporated in the center console. It comes with a watch holder and will allow the driver to securely carry items such as coins or cufflinks.

Speaking of the center console, Mulliner’s Signature Quilt Pattern can now be applied onto it and the door panels, plus the seat bolsters as well to help the vehicle overwhelm everyone with its aesthetic appeal.

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