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The gorgeous Baccarat Hotel New York Inspires us with Awe

By Victor Baker


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Baccarat Hotel New York

Upon hearing the name Baccarat, you either remember some good old times spent playing this card game with some friends or.. the renowned French company which took over the world with its fine crystal glassware and jewelry, or many other bespoke creations that could easily take your breath away.

A few years ago, the Baccarat story has been taken to the next level, as the world’s first Baccarat hotel has been opened in the heart of NYC, blending French luxury and crystal craftsmanship in the most beautiful way possible. Of course, there’s crystal everywhere, with this glitzy hotel boasting luxurious chandeliers wherever you might turn your head and many other eye catching details.

For instance, the lobby is lined with 1,800 glasses, while each of the 114 rooms has a different glass inside, enclosed in a cool display case. Offering a sophisticated mix of contemporary Parisian décor with modern luxuries, these polished rooms come with flat screen TVs, high speed Internet, wireless sound systems, plus luxurious bathrooms or separate living areas for the suites.

Baccarat Hotel New York

New York’s Baccarat Hotel and Residences also comes with a chic restaurant, offering a modern take on French cuisine, while an elebant bar, with a vaulted ceiling, will prove to be the best place to chit chat, enjoy a drink or the afternoon tea.

The hotel also encourages you to relax at its spectacular spa and wellness center, that includes a gym and a superb indoor pool, but you could always go out and have a taste of the Big Apple as well.

This high-end hotel is just a few steps away from the Museum of Modern Art, St Patrick’s Cathedral or Radio City Music Hall, and brands like Gucci, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Cartier are also close by – I think you get the picture.

Baccarat Hotel New York

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