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The Goldmund Apologue Anniversary Speaker

By Adrian Prisca


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The expertise behind Goldmund lasts for more than 25 years, the brand having become one of the leading solutions in terms of stereo and home theatre systems. To extend the impressive collection of top notch audiophonics the brand has released up till now, they have recently announced the tremendously advanced Apologue Anniversary Edition Speaker.

This launch comes as a follow-up to the previously released Goldmund Epilogue Speaker System, worth $30,000 a set. The recently announced design is in fact a celebration to the aforementioned and will be available as a limited edition, of 25 packages in total. They sport the same design as the Epilogue, but deliver twice more power, being able to generate up to a whopping 3,600 Watts per pair.

Furthermore, the set provides incredibly clear sound, the finest bass and extremely nicely defined trebles. Every one of the parts that comprise the Apologue Anniversary Edition Speaker is placed with incredible accuracy, delivering zero distortion. The exclusive way the signal is transmitted between the speakers and the player is through wireless, therefore the only cables the player needs are the AC plugs.

One can purchase the stunning Goldmund Apologue Anniversary Edition Speaker via Goldmund Custom Shop. Apart from this, customers are free to express their preferences regarding the finish of these luxurious pieces directly to the experts of Goldmund. But, the asking price for the Goldmund Apologue Anniversary Edition Speakers comes from a totally different dimension – a bit over half a million dollars – and if anyone actually decides to pay as much as a luxurious mansion for these pieces, they will need to deposit $60,000 in advance.


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