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Floral Chandelier from the house of Pataviumart

By Adrian Prisca


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Although presenting you with a series of images might do the trick for us today, it would be folly not to say a few words about Pataviumart’s latest creations. The brand is pretty famous for the luxury items they’ve been manufacturing since their birth, back in 1959. We think the brand’s previously unveiled piece, the Mask Chandelier, would be too scary and too peculiar to hang from our ceilings, whereas the Floral Chandelier is a delicate masterpiece.

One piece, featuring flowers in red Murano glass, is extremely nice, a true source of color for any kind of home. Nonetheless, the brand uses all sorts of exquisite substances and materials in the manufacture of such extraordinary pieces, from alabaster and marble to glass pearls, crystals, Murano glass and even precious stones. The red Floral Chandelier is based particularly on bold red flower motifs, a source of soft radiance and classiness.

In addition, blending with the legacy and expertise of the company, these artistic interpretations boast with unique designs and high levels of elegance. And when you notice the superb silver leafed bow, you’re bound to realize this is something you’ll probably never see again. And the rather expensive price follows – $7,600 a piece.


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