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The Future Looks Bright with Airbus’ Corporate Jets Melody Cabin Concept

By Victor Baker


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Airbus Corporate Jets Melody

The Airbus Corporate Jets Melody is a unique and appealing cabin concept imagined by the well-known aircraft manufacturer, of course. Providing passengers with a graceful sense of movement, this gorgeous conceptual cabin was specially designed for the jets in the ACJ320neo family.

Imagined in-house and inspired by Airbus customers and their input, the result speaks volumes thanks to its flowing lines that work together to offer a sense of relaxation and comfort.  The cabin concept before you boasts a crew area and galley, as well as a forward lounge complemented by a massive 65″ TV with a curved screen, but there’s more to it than just that.

A spacious dining and conference area is also part of the offering, as well as a home cinema with a retractable large-screen TV. And please note the extra-large passages between the cabin areas which seem to remove the sense of crowded spaces and confinement.

Airbus Corporate Jets Melody

The first deliveries of the ACJ320neo will start at the end of 2018, so there’s plenty of time to talk about potential configurations and amenities, the Melody Cabin Concept giving us an idea of what’s possible or not. This stunning jet will come with wingtip Sharklets for enhanced aerodynamics, new-generation CFM Leap-1A engines, and extra fuel tanks.

Everything adds up to provide the passengers with a comfortable flight and an extended range, the ACJ320neo being ready to take up to 25 passengers for flights as long as 7,767 miles, and at speeds of up to 630 mph. But did we mention the purchase costs? Well, the jet sells for about roughly $95 million, with the VIP cabin included. Any thoughts?

Airbus Corporate Jets Melody

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