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Get Ready for the Trip of a Lifetime with Riva 76 Bahamas

By Victor Baker


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Riva 76 Bahamas

The breathtaking Riva 76 Bahamas is the latest project to set sail out of Riva Yachts’ shipyard, a stunning mix of good looks, impressive performances and thrills, and unparalleled comforts. Powered by twin MAN V12 engines, able to deliver 1,550 horsepower, this stylish 76-motor yacht brags about a top speed of 32 kn, and a more decent cruising speed of 28 kn, which is equally impressive if you ask us.

The Riva 76 will sail as far as 315 nm, but it has three gorgeous cabins for its lucky passengers, while the small crew will have to settle for just one cabin. Nonetheless, up to 16 guests will have the chance to experience this yacht’s superb amenities and atmosphere, and we’re sure they’ll enjoy every second spent on board.

Riva 76 Bahamas

The main deck of this stunning motor yacht has a lovely dining area, while on the starboard side you’ll also find a cozy living spot. There’s also a small sun deck that’s really appreciated, and plenty of other goodies inside-out, but we’re struggling to ignore those seducing curves right now.

Obviously, not all of us shall have the privilege and the cash required to enjoy such a vessel and the perks that come along with it. Nonetheless, admiring beauty is still free – in some cases, at least.

Riva 76 Bahamas

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