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The First Ritz-Carlton hotel in Saudi Arabia

By Adrian Prisca


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With opulent estates around it, like the Diplomatic Quarter and King Abdul Aziz Convention Centre, in Ar-Riyadh, the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh Hotel will be opened to quests starting the 24th of October. It comprises 493 rooms and suites, with an extravagant palace-like design.

The building contrasts beautifully with the green, verdant surroundings, and it continues the Arabic tradition, with ochre facades. Seen from distance, one would admit that this hotel really looks like a palace. The huge interior is divided into 49 430 sq m two-bedroom Royal suites, 50 104 sq m two-bedroom Executive suites plus a high number of single rooms.

The main characteristic of this hotel is that it goes on with the Arabic traditions, painting styles and design, combining elegance with opulence and extravagance. This hotel is a blessing to Riyadh’s city center; water fountains, multi-secular olive trees and huge palm-trees decorate the surroundings.

The Ritz-Carlton will surely raise the tourist numbers in the Saudi Arabia, furthermore, they will surely tell others about the awesomeness of the place. Everyone’s welcome!

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