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The Half Moon Luxury Resort in Jamaica

By Adrian Prisca


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What could be more relaxing than a 400 acre luxury resort on Jamaica’s northern coast, with a two-mile-long crescent-shaped beach? Add coquettish cottages, painted in pure white, the Caribbean Sea and extraordinary landscapes and what results is the Half Moon Luxury Resort.

A total of 197 guest rooms and suites plus 33 four-to-seven villas make out the residences on the resort. Among the amenities present here, one can find the Dolphin Lagoon, a fitness centre, an equestrian center, 18-hole signature gulf-course and the world-renowned Fern Tree Spa. These are only a few of them, anyways.

Setting a Caribbean personalized luxury standard, nobody will ever get bored on this resort. The architecture combines modern with old-school designs, famous traditions and a generous, friendly staff that takes care of absolutely everything a guest needs. Do Queen Anne and Chippendale tell you something?

Here, they represent the idea of the furnishings, which, with the help of the locals, were carved in Mahogany and are emphasized by coordinated prints. It’s like using the antithesis between formal and informal, between elegance and sport, putting them all together to create something that hasn’t been seen yet. And they really succeeded.

The houses also include traditional construction details and finishes, and, combined with the exotic gardens, they make one feel special. In addition to all these, they have added a new “Hibiscus Wing” that contains 68 one and two bedroom suites.

There is also an enclosed top-class area with 18 beach-front Royal Suites (each one being Georgian-Colonial-styled and comprising a bedroom, a large living-room with terrace and an inviting entrance hall) and two vast swimming pools, forming the Royal Court Complex.


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