The Fiat 500 gets the Gucci treatment

Fiat 500 by Gucci

Fiat teamed up with Gucci to create a special edition of their tiny Fiat 500 for the Milan Fashion Week which was also showcased at the Geneva Motor Show these days. The special Gucci edition features many chrome accents, new 16″ alloy wheels and Gucci’s signature stripe running down the sides.

The Fiat 500 by Gucci will be available in black or white and it will be available for pre-order starting next month for a price of 17,000 EUR. The car’s interior has been refined with two-tone leather seats, a gloss black trim and plenty of Gucci branding which makes this car even more stylish.

The partnership between Gucci and Fiat extends even further than this special edition Fiat 500 with Gucci launching a special line-up of 500-inspired products. The product line will include things from tracksuits to travel bags that probably every 500 enthusiast will want.