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Modern Outdoor Wood Fireplaces from AK47

AK47 Outdoor Wood Fireplaces

AK47 might be a surprising name for a company which designs outdoor fireplaces but their wood fireplace designs are even more impressive and cooler than their name. The company has recently unveiled their new outdoor fireplace range featuring several contemporary fireplaces that will be surely appreciated by a lot of people.

The Zero fireplace is named after its shape, featuring an “O” shape design with a central fire pit encircled by a wood panel for sitting around the flame. It comes with a neat storage area under the seat where the future owners could pile their wood, out of the way but always in hand.

The Zen fireplace also features an “O” shape and it has the same rustic feeling but it features an open flame surrounded by a circular arrangement of stone, or any other material of your choice. The Magniafuocco fireplace has a contrasting design with a contemporary white enclosure, garden stones and rustic logs piled high in the center.

Next, the Thor fireplace is really different than the previously described fireplaces mainly because it’s a vertical model. It features a weathered rust-finish enclosure with wood stacked in a holder on either side of the fireplace and it’s probably perfect for a country cottage and even in the corner of any room of your home.



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