The fantastic Q Lin Bed

I’m not entirely on the same hand with the term “lost art”. As it is with matter, the arts don’t just disappear, they transform, and some even get improved. And so goes the story of the ancient Chinese art of carving wood. The Q Lin Bed is based on such things, on ancient Chinese wood-carving techniques, mixing them with Californian casualness and European stylishness.

This monumentally gorgeous sculptural item has been garnished with 3,000 hand-drilled holes. It is a genuine modern interpretation of a Chinese floor screen pattern, with holes drilled from both sides of the wood. Mind you, those holes were done with immense attention to detail by knowledgeable artists. It’s not all about carving wood or putting holes into something made out of wood – these artists have done everything carefully, with huge precision. The whole process of carving was painstaking, as the wood had to be protected from all sorts of damage.

Furthermore, the walnut exudes the modernism of the 50s, extremely important to the birth of the cool movement, deep in the heart of California. The wood itself contributes to the look through its grain patterns that confer personality. Even more, each of the wooden boards of the bed was carefully selected and picked according to the grain pattern. The most dramatic of the lot is the headboard, a solid piece of walnut wood with large sweeping grains.

The fabulous Q Lin Bed can be purchased via the designer’s showroom – Hong Kong Stunt Team. It is exclusively made to order.