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The Espresso Veloce Titanio Is A Powerful Limited Edition Entertainer

By Victor Baker


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Espresso Veloce Titanio

Italian designer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe is a visionary, who combines his artistry and mechanical engineering background to allow us to marvel at gorgeous, yet functional mechanical art pieces. His latest project, the Espresso Veloce Titanio, reveals the man’s creative passion for high-tech formula one engines and jet propulsion.

We all know fast cars and great coffee go well together, which is why this espresso maker looks like a Grand Prix motor – it might as well have been one, at one time. The question is: would you enjoy having a wonderful taste of Grand Prix racing essence with every cup?

Espresso Veloce Titanio

A glorious tribute to racing teams, automotive design and motoring enthusiasts around the world, the Espresso Veloce – or espresso speed – delivers just that, without compromising on taste, aroma or flavor.

These half-scale models of the 90’s Grand Prix engines will come in V8, V10 or V12 form, but you should know there’s a limited number of units planned for delivery. It’s also worth mentioning that customers can have theirs in bespoke color combinations as well, with red, blue, orange, gunmetal, gold or black finishes available.

The stainless steel and titanium make for a sublime finishing touch; the only thing to do is fire it up!

Espresso Veloce Titanio

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