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The Elegant Hublot Atelier Watch

By Adrian Prisca


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An interesting concept is starting to protrude in the timekeeping business, with roots in the automotive industry. Courtesy cars are vehicles that rich people buy yet aren’t allowed to take them home to enjoy their acquisition. This concept is mainly based on the idea that the customers remain psychologically attached to the brand, not attached to the product they purchase from the respective brand. And Hublot is taking its first steps into the concept.

Their latest brainchild, named the Hublot Atelier Watch, could be named a courtesy timepiece. The service is strictly and exclusively available through Hublot boutiques, 49 of them, spread all over the Globe. Multi-brand outlets are not included.

The Atelier Watch is not for general sale. The design behind it is based on the principle of fusion – the case and bezel are crafted from black composite, just like the pin buckle, all tied to a black rubber strap. The shiny steel screws and the crown pop out from the case, while the insides of the piece feature a quartz movement with date and small seconds.

The utility of this particular timepiece though is to serve customers who leave their original Hublot watches behind for servicing or repair. Thus, they remain tied to Hublot even though they are not wearing their own particular timepiece.

Written in white over a black background, the words “NOT FOR SALE” perfectly describe the spirit behind this watch.


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