Experience The Rendez-Vous of the House of Rémy Martin

Coming from France, Remy Martin is one of the most exquisite cognac distilleries in the world. Famous all around the globe, the XO and the VSOP were good proofs to this. Lately, fans of the brand are allowed to experience the Rendez-Vous of the House of Rémy Martin in order to get a glimpse of how it feels to be inside the famous cellars.

There are a few options available, but the most elaborate and interesting would be the Rendez-Vous with Louis XIII, the King of Cognacs. An additional private visit would be the Initiation to our Louis XIII Cognac and features a guided tour with a brand ambassador within the ancient cellars and reference rooms which house the King of Cognacs heritage.

Priced at $250, this particular tour lasts for two hours and comes with a ceremonial serving that includes creations of Christophe Pillet. A different one, the Under the Stars, starts at dusk with a visit and tasting of cognacs. After these, a house chef provides a candle lit dinner at the house of Remy Martin. Lasting for 4 hours, the Under the Stars costs $230.

A tasting session of the Louis XIII cognac will be organized after the end of the installation and cellar visits. Another tour worth mentioning would be The Knowledge of Louis XIII – lasting for approximately 6 hours and costing $950, this one takes the visitor through the reference and cellar rooms.

In addition, the guests will be put up to date with information regarding the various stages of the ageing process of the cognac, and can get to taste it with gourmet appetizers. This particular tour will go on in Saint-Même-les-Carriéres, at the Grollet Estate, the place of origin of the Louis XIII cognac.

As an ending, lunch or dinner will be offered at the Grollet, followed by a souvenir-giving session – the visitor will be gifted two crystal glasses penned down by Christophe Pillet. To the Origins of Louis XIII will reportedly continue with the family estate of the Grollet at Saint-Même-les-Carriéres, will last 3 hours at a cost of $380.

By far the most interesting and elaborate tour is The Louis XIII Experience, lasting for 10 hours and costing $1,100. This one pretty much covers every little aspect of Remy Martin. A pastoral breakfast will reportedly be held inside the vineyard before the process of admiring the wine-producing and distillation methods at the brand’s distillery at Touzac.

Following the event, a fine country lunch near a fireplace will be provided, right before going on towards the initiation to the different stages of ageing and blending at the Merpins Estate, the home of Louis XIII cognacs and Remy Martin. The House of Cognac will provide a helping hand in fully understanding the different stages by offering a tasting session of the cognacs with gourmet appetizers.

As the late afternoon sets upon the visitors, a ceremonial tasting of the Louis XIII also arrives. The end of the tour is marked by an exquisite dinner, while a pair of glassed designed by Mr. Christophe Pillet are offered as souvenirs.