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Alexander McQueen convertible suede and snake clutch

One of the most compulsory accessories of a lady is definitely her purse. Whether it’s colored in simple tones or glares with a plethora of paints, whether it’s made from synthetics or I don’t know what sort of exquisite leathers, they, sort of, characterize the woman who wears them. The most important idea is that ladies are simply lost without their handbags.

Alexander McQueen has unveiled a brand new stylish purse, a convertible suede and snake clutch designed to assort with three hypothetical outfits. For example, a detachable, reversible panel can be easily switched over to display the eggplant suede or cherry snake.

In addition, by taking off the twin-sided panel, the base Oxblood leather appearance jumps into full sight. The cherry on the cake is represented by the skull clasp, encrusted with Swarovski crystals. For $2,095, every lady who respects herself can boast with one convertible suede and snake clutch, courtesy of Alexander McQueen.



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