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The Diamond Jubilee Faberge Egg unveiled by Emilia Fox

By Adrian Prisca


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The world’s biggest Egg Hunt is on the run as we speak, with its golden price in the form of the Diamond Jubilee Faberge Egg. The actress Emilia Fox presented the glittering egg, estimated at £100,000 or $157,000 – a fortune.

The oval jewel features rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds in its collection of 60 gemstones. Each of the stones represents one year of the Queen of England’s reign. The creator of the egg is Faberge, being unveiled at its headquarters in London.

The race is meant to send jewelry fans and huggers of luxury on a rabid search around London to find more than 200 eggs, each of them being designed by renowned artists like Sir Ridley Scott, Zandra Rhodes or Bruce Oldfield. Every egg comes with a keyword that is to be texted to 80001.

The funds that this event generates will go to charities like Action for Children or the Elephant Family, while the eggs will be auctioned around the Easter, the end of the search. The race is due to end Tuesday, the 3rd of April, followed by the auction of the 200+ eggs found throughout the race. We welcome the charity of the project and are just curious who the winner will be.

[The Faberge Big Egg Hunt]

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