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The Datai Langkawi has been Transformed into a Luxury Resort Like No Other

By Thom Esveld


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First opened to the public back in 1993, the magical Datai Langkawi has been recognized as one of the most eco friendly resorts in the world for so many years, enchanting its guests in a rain forest heaven by the Indian ocean. The five-star resort underwent a 12 month renovation period to add a new touch of luxury, while keeping its old charm that brought its world-wide fame.

The renewed Datai Langkawi is now a grand hotel with a total of 121 rooms boasting stunning interiors, luxurious amenities and mesmerizing details in this wonderful green setting. The people behind this amazing makeover are architects Didier Lefort and Kerry Hill.

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The rain forest haven from Langkawi now features a Canopy collection, which includes exclusive suites overlooking lush green treetops, Rainforest villas with infinity pools, nestled deep inside the calm of the jungle, and Beach villas with personal butlers, pools and pristine white sands.

The most impressive part though is the Datai estate, a 3.5 km long property with 3 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 interlinked pools, a chef and personal butler. Aside from that, there are several wine and dine facilities, with open air spaces overlooking the wonderful Andaman Sea. There’s a wonderful spa center as well and even a Nature Center for those looking something more adventurous.

The price tags at Datai Langkawi are somewhere between $1,810 and $22,000 for one night in the Datai Estate.

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