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‘Osseo’ is the Newest Luxury Yacht Concept From Serbian Designer Igor Jankovic

By Vlad Craciun


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igor jankovic osseo luxury yacht

A new yacht concept recently revealed by the up and coming Serbian designer Igor Jankovic, Osseo is a futuristic 72-meter sailing yacht, built with high performance in mind and featuring an exceptional design and superb accommodations for the smoothest sailing experience possible. This stunning yacht would come fully rigged with the high-end DynaRig system and other top-notch equipment.

Osseo boasts a carbon fiber and graphene hull, materials which proved to be very resistant to corrosion and fit the seamless concept of the yacht. The exterior features an impressive combination of black and chameleon blue-purple color palette while the interior completely matches the outside forms and can host up to 12 guests. The ship would be equipped with both diesel and electric engines.

igor jankovic osseo luxury yacht 2

While its ultimate goal is sailing, this gorgeous yacht could be a great platform for hosting social events, with large, ample spaces perfect for entertaining and relaxation. As you can see from these renderings, there’s an open space main salon inside, ideal for gatherings and presentations or simply relaxation.

The master suite, located towards the stern, comes with super comfy sleeping quarters. There’s even a beach area shielded by a semi-transparent roof of tinted glass. The space can be transformed into a more romantic space at night, with ambient lights and a pool. Sailing perfection by Igor Jankovic!

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