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The Damen Yacht Support 5009 Can Handle Anything

Damen Yacht Support 5009

Truth be told, the newly upgraded 181-foot Damen Yacht Support 5009 will probably overshadow anything that floats, and possibly other transportation devices as well, something that might get yacht builders worried way before the Monaco Yacht Show, in September.

At this renowned yachting event, Damen will bring a purpose-built showcase model of this vessel, as well as the yacht Fast & Furious, along with a wide range of toys, tenders, a submersible, and dive equipment. Sure, such an exclusive line-up will come with a matching price-tag, but we choose to ignore that for now.

Damen Yacht Support 5009

The Dutch company has delivered nine support vessels already, each of them really appreciated by its customers, but that did not stop them from upgrading the Damen Yacht Support 5009. The re-imagined version of this vessel shows off a long list of impressive details, not to mention pre-engineered options, but it all comes down to its massive storage area.

There’s available space for submersibles, sailboats, there’s also a touch-and-go helipad and even an all-weather-protection hangar with design options. Those of you who will be at the Monaco show, will get the chance to tour this  vessel and make an experience of it. If you’ve ever dreamed about owning a support yacht as well, this beauty from Damen might be your best pick.

Damen Yacht Support 5009


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