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Hotel Traube Tonbach Wil Get You Relaxed In An Instant

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Hotel Traube Tonbach

With so many things happening in the world right now, some of you might consider taking a break from it all to be a selfish act, but this is probably the best time to disconnect and forget about everything else. For instance, you could be heading to the charming German countryside, where you could experience a unique version of luxurious country living at Hotel Traube Tonbach.

Set amidst rolling hills right in the Black Forest, this amazing place has been a family-operated hotel for more than 200 years, probably that’s why it has a lovely traditional vibe to itself. The service, scenery, and the spectacular interiors here are impressive, to say the least, but none can compare to the breath of fresh air this location has to offer.

Hotel Traube Tonbach

Hotel Traube Tonbach is surrounded by tall fir trees and the fresh scent of the Black Forest, which makes going out for a walk a completely new and totally enjoyable experience. Elegance, tradition, and modern luxuries blend seamlessly here, where picturesque hillsides and natural wonders allow guests to savor the perfect escape from reality.

With 153 beautifully decorated rooms, apartments and suites on offer, this gorgeous 5-star hotel will make you want to stay here forever and ever. And if solitude seems like a depressing word right now, once you arrive here it will surely get a new meaning.

Hotel Traube Tonbach also offers a wonderful spa, with 4 hot tubs, Finnish sauna, a steam room and a fitness centre, but what’s even more impressive is the hotel’s Schwarzwaldstube restaurant, which brags about 3 Michelin stars and serves award-winning French and Black Forest cuisine. Speaking of it, you will get panoramic views of the forest from every single room here.

Hotel Traube Tonbach

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