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Craft Bicycle turns Bamboo into Functional Works of Art

By Adrian Prisca


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Craft Bicycle

Craft Bicycle, a small company from Romania, plans to change the way we think about riding a bike from now on, using only high quality components and sustainable materials like bamboo, to create premium bikes that will just make you stand out wherever you go.

After many years of tireless research, hard work and testing, the first bamboo bicycle came out of their shop, and it looks absolutely amazing from any angle you look at it. We’re talking about a unique bike, with a chic, retro feel and modern parts, that’s eco-friendly and super lightweight as well, thanks to its lovely bamboo frame.

Bamboo is basically as good as carbon fiber, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, but its ability to reduce vibrations and also its sustainable growth, makes it the perfect material for both cyclists and bicycle manufacturers, so we could easily understand why Craft Bicycle has decided to use it as the main ingredient for this bike. And did we mention it looks absolutely stunning?

Craft Bicycle

This bicycle is a functional work of art, mixing know-how and urban elegance in the most beautiful way possible. It also comes with a special step thru-frame, which offers a very relaxed and comfortable riding position, so we’re pretty sure this bike is going to be a lot of fun to ride as well.

And since the designers of this bicycle have focused on quality, they’ve equipped this beauty with premium handmade leather saddle and grips, courtesy of Books, which will turn the ride into a unique experience. But the best thing is that every bike will be tailor-made, right after your measurements, to make sure the bike suits you perfectly.

Craft Bicycle

The guys at Craft Bicycle work on every single frame for over 60 hours, using natural hemp and high quality resin to create nearly indestructible joints between the bamboo elements. And since every step of the process is entirely made by hand, from joining to finishing, you could easily say each bike is unique.

All bikes will come equipped with the new Shimano Nexus 7, which covers all the needs of a cyclist in town, plus high tech Shimano rapid fire shifters, that will help you change gears in less than a second, and aluminum rims with double walls from RYDE, which will be exceptional regardless of the road or obstacles.


Craft Bicycle hasn’t started mass producing these beauties yet, but with the help of Indiegogo, they’re planning to take over the world with their bamboo bikes. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure love to ride around town on one of these superb bicycles.

Craft Bicycle

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